Sleepychat is shut down!

Ely the Admin here,

As of Sunday, March 31st, Sleepychat is now shut down. After years of maintaining Sleepychat, I've come to the decision that I can no longer support it. The reasons being, most notably, that it's become more of a hassle for me than any benefits can offset, that I'm losing money by paying for the hosting, logging, and database, and that I'm finally deciding that I have no obligation to keep it running through said hassle and financial loss.

Here are some important things you should know:

Call me a horrible human being for not saying sorry, but I no longer feel any attachment to the site or its community, and it's nothing to me but stress now. However, I do hope all of you find a new home elsewhere, and that whoever manages it is less of an ass than I am. As easy as that'd be, it doesn't seem that'll be the case any time soon...